Unusual People

Comedy, Romance, Drama
Roman Karimov
Nazar As-Samaray, Artem Dushkin, Polina Iosilevich, Vlad Topalov, Anastas Fedorkova, Marina Zajtseva, Ingrid Olerinsky, Ilya Ljubimov, Julia Takshina, Evgenie Tsyganov, Roman Karimov, Pavel Kozlov, Anna Kolobaeva, Olga Rudenko, Anton Toroptsev, Natalia Shchesnjak, Yuliya Takshina, Dmitriy Tarasov.
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Quiet and well-mannered Vitalik tries to start life from scratch in a new city. But there on his way he meets only crazy people. His neighbor is eccentric girl named Christine who seeks to transform him to the normal guy, the lustful chief does not give him rest at new work and even a psychologist who helps him cope with all of this is sado-masochist. Vitalik seems the only normal person in this movie.
Unusual People Unusual People Unusual People

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5 November 2013 06:43 #1
Great movie I liked it very much
12 January 2014 06:10 #2
Does anybody knows the name of the final song?.... (the song that play in the credits)...
17 February 2014 07:20 #3
Excellent work! Inspiring....
15 March 2014 08:30 #4
hmm! difficult people. I really enjoy the film. watching over and over again
24 March 2014 22:47 #5
simply amazing..  просто супер)
9 April 2014 05:08 #6
Oh, thank you very useful information
10 April 2014 07:50 #7
Bravo, what necessary hprase..., a remarkable idea :):)
1 June 2014 01:34 #8
У вас есть субтитрами на русском языке?
25 June 2014 17:19 #9
what a clown))
11 July 2014 02:31 #10
Great movie
13 July 2014 02:23 #11
Возраст не разница.. хороший фильм!!!
24 September 2014 13:58 #12
nice movie 
24 January 2015 03:54 #13

Do you don't have movies with russian subtitles?

31 January 2015 23:09 #14
It's good 
23 May 2015 16:53 #15

No doubt among the top 10 films I've ever watched in all the decades of my life (and those were many and include many "blockbusters"). I haven't seen anything made by the West in the last decades that can compete with this film's quality.


Light and yet dark, very interesting and complex characters, easy and unforced humor that had me laughing throughout, slow and plausible development of friendship that grows into love; romance not ruined with forced and unnecessary depictions of the sexual part of relationships; complete lack of cliches, nauseating corniness, nationalim/exceptionalism and politics that permeat Western production; originality, excellent cast and script... There are many more good things and sides to this film and I could go on listing them for a while, but I hope everyone already got the message that this is an excellent product.One that I enjoyed thoroughly and will rewatch many times in the future.


The only, and I do mean the ONLY, bad thing about it (and this is even not about the movie itself) were the subtitles in the free version: because of their colour and film's low res it was on one or two occasions very hard to see what was written - the yellow washed out against bright backgrounds. But since it seems to be the DVD version with not hard-coded subs, I expect the HD version has no such problem.


Until now the only Russian films I saw were war movies, but this excellent film has insured I will definitely expand my horizon to the rest of the line-up.



This was one of the few films that made me sad when I realised it was about to end soon, would've loved watching it for much more time.




If the director decides to make a sequel with these two actors it will make me one happy guy.


Well worth those 2.50$ I invested to watch it in HD!


Spasiba bolšoj!

29 May 2015 19:47 #16
Check out the HD version of this movie. Don't waste your to those CAM UP's and DL's. For the cool people in the cribb of FGE you know who you are ;D San Andreas (HD1080)

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28 April 2016 10:32 #18
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