Drama, Action, War-film
Alexander Atanesyan
Oleg Buganov, Bobrov, R. Bershauer, Andrey Panin, Mitya Gorevoy, Kirill Emelyanov, Alexander Golovin, Vladimir Andreev, Andrei Krasko, Vladimir Kashpur, Alexander Soloviev jr, Basil Lykshin.
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The plot of a military drama tells about destiny of homeless children, of which during the World War 2 have made special purpose group. In 1943 from prison release the colonel Veshnevitsky for the purpose of fulfill special mission. The colonel should create special squad which will go to mountains for liquidation of German military base in which fuel is stored. This squad is made up of criminals who have been sentenced to death for serious crimes, their age of 14-15 years. Such decision is not casual, nobody will search for homeless children and death awaits them in any way. Training is conducted in the mountains, and the teachers are friends of Veshnevitsky.
Bastards Bastards Bastards

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4 November 2013 13:47 #1





17 December 2013 20:10 #2

very nice movie :)

i enjoyed it so much

6 January 2014 14:41 #3

for 5 years i was looking for this movie .

to download it  or to it again .

today i could  fainally do that .

thank you 

it was amazing. recourse  wink smile smile smile smile smile feel feel feel fellow fellow laughing laughing laughing laughing

7 July 2015 03:50 #4
Thanks. Good movie.
11 August 2015 13:42 #5
A masterpiece of a film..fascinating and well played.....the soviets did use teen age "criminals" as mine collectors to atone for "crimes"
19 August 2015 20:52 #6
How can it be that the boys feel hot on the airplane and on the airfield but not the pilots and the soldiers??